About Us

Who we are

To make sure it remains the world reference in cannabinoids refining, Cannabista will stock its cannabis mainly from local and global partners who want to benefit from the turnkey solutions we offer in order to create various innovative products that will then be marketed in Canada and internationally. Our team of experts in processing, import and export has already worked with several companies in the cannabis sector and will be able to support Cannabista in its projects all over the world.

The pharmaceutical companies will also benefit from Cannabista since the company will be one of the only to provide partitioned and isolated cannabinoids according to GMP/EU-GMP standards for the development of new drugs.

Global leader

Cannabista is currently in discussion with world leaders in the pharmaceutical sector to help them excel in this promising new market, its mission being to ensure them a batch-to-batch consistency and unrivalled quality.

Unique genetic targeting specific needs, experienced and dedicated team members, global partners, and innovative premium quality products are only a small part of the elements that have already led several partners and investors to join the adventure.

Our difference

Thanks to our innovative products, we will be able to create active pharmaceutical ingredients which will allow to target anxiety and obesity problems, those problems affecting more than 2 billion people in the world today.

Thanks to our advanced refining methods and GMP/EU-GMP certified facility (to be obtained), we are able to convert any cannabis from third party manufacturers into a product that can be distributed through our thousands local and international points of sale.

Manufacturing consistency and quality are our priorities. We refine our products in a clean and highly automated environment in order to eliminate any risks of contamination.

A Few Words From The Founders

Dominic Daigle

Dominic Daigle

CEO and Co-Founder


“I am pleased to be part of a company who cares for the well-being of the population. The Cannabista family is qualified and committed to provide exemplary customer service. We put everything in place to ensure the marketing of quality products free from contaminants that will surpass your expectations. The code of ethics and integrity of our company’s administrators have already convinced several investors to support our company.”

Francis Hosson

Francis Hosson

COO and Co-Founder


“I have never met, in the flourishing industry of cannabis, a company seeking to innovate for the common good like Cannabista does. Our goal has always been to advance research on health through the benefits of cannabinoids and I am proud, today, to be part of a qualified and dedicated team which can make that happen. Our business model never ceases to surprise and we have all the elements combined to make Cannabista become the world benchmark in its field. I am eager to see what the future holds for us.”