LACHUTE, Quebec, July, 29th 2020 — Cannabista is pleased to announce the acquisition of new facilities formerly owned by Lyo-San Inc.

The acquisition of this new building, representing a total area of 40,000 square feet, is very good news for the company and another asset that will support its growth as well as its cannabis processing activities in accordance with specific pharmaceutical standards. Furthermore, the surrounding land representing a total area of 600,000 square feet will certainly allow the company to expand its activities in the future. On phase 1, the company will be able to support annually an extraction, drying and refining capacity of over 100 tons of biomass.

Since the building is already HACCP and FSSC2200 certified, this will simplify the granting of the GMP and EU-GMP certification and allow the company to reach the highest standards required by the pharmaceutical industry. The building also includes two fully equipped laboratories that will be used for research and to develop new patented products.

By acquiring these new facilities, Cannabista will benefit from state-of-the-art equipments certified for the food industry and that can be adapted to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical sector.

Finally, its proximity to an international airport represents an important strategic and logistical advantage to market the products across borders.

About Cannabista

From 2021, Cannabista plans to become a reference in cannabinoids extraction and refining. As a visionary company, Cannabista will be equipped with state-of-the art technological infrastructures to create high quality and innovative products. Cannabista will then be part of the few companies in the world that create cannabinoids-based medical and pharmaceutical ingredients from a natural and organic source. Cannabista is supported by a team of passionate experts and will strive to show the benefits of cannabinoids, particularly on anxiety and obesity problems.

Cannabista’s priority remains its intellectual property protection and its will to create reliable partnerships with leaders from the pharmaceutical sector to help them excel in this promising new market. To meet its objectives, Cannabista benefits from many advantages. Indeed, the company is about to become one of the most important Canadian extractors thanks to its world-class facilities located in Lachute, Quebec, and its huge extraction capacity. With its advanced refining methods, its GMP/EU-GMP certified facility (expected for 2021) and its proximity to an international airport, Cannabista will be able to meet the global demand in accordance with local legislation.

Beyond innovation, Cannabista will be characterized by its ethics, its integrity as well as its strong commitment towards people well-being. To be a part of the company’s success, please contact us at

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